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Refrigerated Trailer Types

Refrigerated Trailer

Temperatures above Freezing

Applications: Agriculture Produce 38 °F, Brewing – Fermenting 50 – 59 °F, Brewing – Lagering 34 °F, Cheese 50 – 59 °F, Floral 42 – 49 °F, Meat – Curing 50 – 59 °F, Meat – Processing 38 °F, Restaurant 36 °F, Wine 50 – 59

Beer Dispense Trailer

Top Seller

Let us help design your Party Trailer. Advertise your company using the sides as your billboard. Control your Temperature to what is best for your product. You can divide area into a serving area and a Refrigerated area. Rent the trailer out for events. Drive new business with the ability to deliver your Beer in kegs in addition to bottles and cans.

Frozen Trailers

Below 32 F degrees

This is your Freezer Trailer is designed to maintain  temperatures below 32 degrees F. Applications include:  Ice, Meat, Seafood, any product that needs to stay frozen. You can divide area into a serving area and a freezer area.

Models: Product
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